About Wave Scientific

Wave Scientific was formed to address a requirement for specialist consultancy and independent measurements in the electromagnetic and radio frequency shielding industry and support the EMC test industry by providing EMC test facility design consultancy, including system integration, comissioning and end-user training.

We specialize in services and consultancy in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), including field surveys of the electromagnetic environment, for example pre-installation surveys for MRI scanners, Scanning Electron Microscopes and other equipment that may be sensitive to ELF or Radio Frequency (RF) fields. Additionally, we perform measurements of shielding effectiveness of electromagnetic shielding as well as identifying weaknesses in shielding systems and providing advice for improving shielding effectiveness.

We have many years of experience within the EMC testing industry and provide design, consultancy and training services to help companies to meet the requirements of all EMC test standards worldwide. We provide a full consultancy service for companies wishing to install in-house EMC test facilities, including design and comissioning of the test systems from the smallest systems for pre-compliance testing right up to the largest fully compliant systems for testing products to the latest EMC standards across all industry sectors.

Our clients come from a diverse range of industries including defense, automotive, scientific research, medical and the construction industry.