Broadband RF Amplifiers

Vectawave solid state broadband RF and microwave amplifiers are available in frequency ranges covering 10 kHz to 6 GHz with a range of output powers from under 10 W up to more than 1 kW.

These robust amplifiers use a class A design for excellent tolerance of mismatch conditions. This ability to work even with poorly matched loads is important when using broadband antennas and transducers typically used for EMC immunity / susceptibility test applications.

Our experienced systems specialists can help you to select the most suitable amplifier for your testing requirements. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

In addition to EMC applications, we also supply RF amplifiers for custom applications including the communications, science and defence markets.  Contact us to discuss your custom amplifier requirements.

Click on the links below for more details of each range:

10 kHz – 100 MHz 10 kHz – 250 MHz 10 kHz – 400 MHz
Output powers from 100 W to more than 1 kW Output powers from 80W to 2.5kW Output power options to more than 250 W
Vectawave - Broadband Power Amplifiers - VBA100-110 Vectawave - 10kHz - 250MHz Amplifiers - VBA250-800 Vectawave - Broadband Power Amplifiers - VBA230-80
150 kHz – 230 MHz 10 kHz – 1000 MHz 80 – 1000 MHz
Output power up 80 W, ideally suited for conducted immunity testing Output powers available from 18 W to 70 W Output powers from 70 W to 1 kW, ideally suited for radiated immunity testing
Vectawave - Broadband Power Amplifiers - VBA400-110 Vectawave - Broadband Power Amplifiers - VBA3100-25 Vectawave - Broadband Power Amplifiers - VBA1000-275
0.8 – 3.1 GHz 2 – 6 GHz
Output powers from 10 W to 450 W Output powers from 20 W to 40 W
Vectawave - Broadband Power Amplifiers - VBA3100-25 Vectawave - Broadband Power Amplifiers - 2 – 6GHz