RF Amplifiers / 80 MHz – 1 GHz

Originally released in 2006 the amplifier module used in this range has undergone continuous improvement to this day. This has resulted in a highly reliable amplifier range, with outstanding “real world” performance. This has not surprisingly become our best seller.

Vectawave Technology uniquely offers GaAs solutions to this important EMC frequency range.

The characteristics of this range are as follows:

  • Class A for ultimate low distortion and adverse load tolerance
  • No foldback or shutdown with high reflection
  • GaAs push-pull FET output stages for reduced harmonic content

Amplifier options are as follows:

VBA1000-70 VBA1000-150 VBA1000-275
70W version, frequency extended down to 10MHz 150W version 275W version
VBA1000-500 VBA1000-1000 VBA1000-2000
500W version 1000W version 2000W version