On-site EMC measurements



The European Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive requirements apply to most electronic equipment and the essential requirements are that equipment shall be designed and manufactured so as to ensure that:

  • the electromagnetic disturbance it generates does not exceed a level above which radio and telecommunications equipment or other equipment cannot operate as intended; and
  • it has a level of immunity to the electromagnetic disturbance to be expected in its intended use which allows it to operate without unacceptable degradation of its intended use.

One of the methods used to demonstrate compliance with the essential requirements of the EMC directive is to perform a series of tests and measurements to check the EMC performance of the product against international standards.

it is not always possible or practical to transport large or heavy items of equipment and machinery to an EMC test laboratory or the EMC test house simply cannot accommodate large equipment inside their test chambers or do not have the necessary power supplies or other infrastructure required to support the testing in their laboratory.
In this case or in the case of complex or fixed installations, on-site testing of the equipment may be the only option.

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How we can help



If you can’t transport your product to an EMC test laboratory, then we can bring the test equipment to you and perform EMC measurements on your product at any on-site location.

Our EMC engineers have many years of specialist experience of on-site EMC testing and we carry out measurements in a wide variety of environments anywhere in the world.

In addition to meeting the essential requirements of the EMC directive, it is sometimes necessary to solve ‘real life’ EMC problems, where a piece of equipment installed on site may be causing interference to nearby equipment or radio services. Or equipment may be experiencing interference from other equipment or installations, particularly in sensitive environments such as recording studios or scientific research establishments.

Our on-site measurement services can help you to identify sources of on-site interference and in many cases, we can help to provide you with solutions to minimise or eliminate interference.


Further information

In addition to on-site EMC measurements, we also offer electromagnetic and RF surveys, which are used to quantify the electromagnetic environment at a particular site. This can be useful in the process of evaluating potential EMC problems prior to installation of equipment on a site.

Further information on electromagnetic and RF site surveys can be found here

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