Shielding Effectiveness Measurements


Shielding effectiveness measurements are required to verify the electromagnetic shielding performance of shielded enclosures and shielding materials.

Our shielding effectiveness measurement service offers the expertise and flexibility that you require:

  • We offer measurements in accordance with all common standards
  • We have extensive experience of all types of shielding systems
  • Our depth of experience enables us to efficiently locate shielding problems and assist with rectification of shielding defects if required.
  • We provide measurement services on-site anywhere in the world with flexible scheduling to fit around your shielding installation arrangements.

Shielding effectiveness applications and standards


Electromagnetic shielding is used for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Shielded rooms for electromagnetic and radio frequency measurements
  • EMC chambers and anechoic chambers
  • TEMPEST and security shielding
  • EMP and HEMP protection
  • MRI and medical applications
  • Magnetic and power frequency shielding
  • Architectural shielding

We are able to offer measurements of the performance of any type of shielding for all applications in accordance with international standards including:

  • IEEE 299
  • EN 50147-1
  • MIL-STD-285
  • MIL-STD-188-125
  • NSA 65-6 / NSA 94-106

Contact us to discuss your shielding measurement requirements.

Shielding systems


We routinely measure the performance of all types of shielding systems including:

  • Welded shielding
  • Laminated ‘sandwich’ panel modular shielding systems
  • Pan/tray type modular shielding
  • Architectural foil shielding

In addition to shielded room installations, we also offer shielding effectiveness measurement services for measuring the performance of shielded cabinets, racks and enclosures as well as measuring the performance of shielding fabrics and other materials.

Contact us to discuss your shielding measurement requirements.

New shielding installations


It is common for newly constructed rooms to have some areas of the shielding that may require some attention (for example, fixings may not be sufficiently tight or have been missed in error during construction)

It is essential to validate the shielding effectiveness of all newly constructed shielding installations.

  • Our shielding effectiveness measurement service is widely used and trusted by many of the leading shielding suppliers and installers.
  • Capabilities include spot frequency measurements or swept measurements.
  • We commonly provide measurements from 10 kHz – 18 GHz but our capabilities extend beyond this range, so contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
  • We work with you to locate problems and to ensure that your shielding specifications are exceeded.


Existing shielding installations


The performance of most shielding systems is stable and does not significantly degrade over time, however some aspects of the shielding performance can still be compromised.

It is important that shielding integrity is maintained at all times so we recommend that regular shielding maintenance is carried out including a program of measurements to ensure that the shielding performance is continually maintained at all times.

  • Shielded door systems are particularly susceptible to damaged contacts and performance degradation due to an accumulation of dirt and other contamination.
  • Shielding performance can be compromised by the fixing methods used to  attach equipment to the inside or outside of the shield
  • User modifications to penetration panels, including installation of bulkhead connectors or filters can compromise the shielding performance.
  • Cables may have been passed through waveguide penetrations intended for fibre-optic cables only resulting in serious degradation of the shielding performance.

Contact us to discuss your shielding maintenance and shielding effectiveness measurement requirements.


In addition to shielding effectiveness measurements, we also provide Anechoic Chamber Validation measurements and electromagnetic and RF surveys.

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